Archives and Local Studies

Explore 800 years of history with Doncaster Archives and Local Studies.

Images form archives and local studies collections

Archives & Local Studies collect and preserve historical and contemporary information relating to the district of Doncaster dating as far back as the 12th century.

Our collections feature historical documentation, books, newspapers, maps, census information, and many more resources documenting centuries of local history on topics such as business, law, healthcare, education and politics.  We also provide advice and support to people researching local and family history.

The Local Studies Library is located within Doncaster Central Library on Watergate and holds historical sources and records relating to Doncaster and its surrounding area. A number of facilities and services are available at the library including local history resources, copies of completed planning applications, family history research assistance and access to online genealogy resources.  Find out more about visiting and using the Local Studies Library.

Doncaster Archives preserves the district’s historical documents and ensures they are available for consultation by the public.  Documents are available to view in our public reading room on King Edward Road, including records relating to local government in Doncaster, churches, landed estates, businesses, hospitals and courts.  Find out more about visiting and using Doncaster Archives.