Doncaster Archives Collections Policy


1 The Department collects records of all kinds by gift, loan, transfer or purchase, relating to the area of the Metropolitan Borough. In accordance with paragraph four below it also collects records in the Archdeaconry of Doncaster.

2 In seeking or acquiring records the archivist will keep in mind the appropriateness of the Department as a suitable place for their custody and consultation and respect the principles of archival integrity. The archivist will also have regard to the joint agreement on archives made by the Metropolitan Districts of South Yorkshire as it affects the acquisition of records.

3 The Department is recognized by the Lord Chancellor for the deposit of public records and by the Master of the Rolls for the deposit of manorial and tithe records. Notice of the acquisition of records in these categories will be given to The National Archives at the time of deposit.

4 The Department is recognized under the Parochial Registers and Records Measure 1978 by the Diocese of Sheffield as the diocesan record office for the Archdeaconry of Doncaster. The area of the Archdeaconry is greater than that of the Metropolitan District but only records eligible for deposit under the provisions of the Measure will be accepted by the Department from any area outside the boundaries of the Metropolitan District.

5 No records will be acquired or disposed of in contravention of the terms of any current legislation and in particular the Public Records Acts, the Manorial and Tithe Documents Rules and the Parochial Registers and Records Measure.

6 No attempts will be made to secure the acquisition or removal of any records held in any other record repository, except with the consent, where this can be reasonably ascertained, of the owner of the records and in consultation with the archivist in charge and the governing body of that authority.

7 Records in a format or medium requiring special equipment for their consultation (such as microfilm, microfiche, audio-visual and machine-readable records) will not be acquired unless the Department has the necessary equipment, or is able to arrange facilities for appropriate public access elsewhere under proper invigilation.

8 Before accepting records, the archivist will be satisfied that transferor has
proper authority or title to transfer them.

9 In the event of acquisition by loan or gift the conditions of deposit will be those contained the standard receipt issued by the Department. A copy of this is attached to this statement.

10 An accessions register (or the equivalent in computerized form) is kept, in which essential information on the nature and circumstances of each
acquisition is recorded. It includes the date, the terms of transfer, the name
and address of the transferor, brief details of the records, and the accession
serial number which allows the records themselves and any related
documentation to be traced.

11 There is a strong presumption against the disposal, by any means, of records accepted into the Department unless
(a) It is found that they belong more properly with records in another
repository, in which case they may be transferred there with the
consent of the owner and the knowledge of both governing bodies;
(b) The repository becomes unable, either temporarily or permanently, to
provide proper care for them, in which case they should be transferred,
on such terms as may then be agreed in writing with the consent of the
owner and of both governing bodies, to another appropriate repository
with similar overall objectives;
(c) The owner requests their return, in accordance with the attached
conditions of deposit.

Last amended 28 April 2017