British Science Week at Doncaster Museum

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March was a busy month at Doncaster Museum & Art Gallery with over 700 people visiting to take part in fun activities during British Science Week.

Lots of families attended our Fun Day to investigate our collections and explore some disgusting parts of history!

Activities challenged guests to dig through replica coprolite (fossilised poo) to find out what people ate in Roman Britain. Visitors also enjoyed getting hands on investigating magnetism, buoyancy, rocks, fossils and making crafts.

One of the fun activities explored magnetism using Super Magnets!

Our most popular activity was the Pee Test!  We challenged people to guess just how hydrated people were in different historical periods including the Stone Age, Roman period, and Medieval and Victorian eras.

Lots of players thought Stone Age people would be the most dehydrated as that period was the furthest in the past.  They were surprised to find out they were actually the most hydrated due to their reliance on natural sources of clean water. 

People who lived in the Stone Age also couldn’t buy thinks like tea, coffee, fizzy pop or alcohol which dehydrate us (although a weak beer was enjoyed by some in the later Stone Age period!)

Another activity was the water tasting test where we asked families if they could tell the difference between tap water, bottled water, flavoured water and fizzy water. The answer was no! 

Most families could not tell which was which, and the majority were confident that the tap water was bottled. Although there were some pro-tasters out there who got them all correct – well done!

Throughout the day, we invited families to handle Roman artefacts including a mortaria and a coin hoard. 

After finding out more about them, visitors had a go at writing their own information card for the objects and told us what they would like to learn about them when visiting the museum.  We’re hoping to use some of the cards in our new museum displays and workshops!

Visitors also viewed a video of what the new museum will look like when we move into our new location in 2020.  Keep an eye on our website and social media for developments on the new building, and information on future events and activities.

During the week, the Friends of Doncaster Museum generously funded a pop-up Planetarium at the museum which was visited by over 200 people, including some home-schooled children. Lots of people learned all about the stars and the sun in the Planetarium and it proved very popular!

Visitors enjoying the Pop-Up Planetarium at Doncaster Museum & Art Gallery
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