Cusworth Hall Workshops

Workshops are currently suspended while the Hall is closed to the public. Outdoor learning continues to take place, find out more on our Outdoor Learning page.

Our learning sessions run throughout the year and cover a range of topics relating to history and science.  All workshops last for approximately 1.5 – 2 hours.  We can provide access to lunch and play areas, free Wi-Fi, gift shop and toilet and parking facilities (charges apply for parking).

Photograph of boy with train set from 1900

Victorian Childhood
Key Stage 1 and 2
Curriculum themes – History; Science

How different was it being a child in Victorian times to being a child today? Go to a Victorian school, find out what working children had to do, investigate household objects and experience working in the kitchen. Teachers can choose for the class to wash with dolly tubs or clean brass.

A Timeline of Toys
Key Stage 1 (adaptable for Key Stage 2)
Curriculum themes – History; Science

This hands-on workshop includes guided discussion and investigation through play, recognising and naming common materials and discovering how old toys worked without batteries or electricity.

Great Fire of London
Key Stage 1 (adaptable for Key Stage 2)
Curriculum themes – History; Science

Examine eye witness accounts and artefacts to investigate what happened 350 years ago. Take part in costumed role play and write you own diary with a goose quill and ink to recreate the home of Samuel Pepys during the Great Fire of London.

Seaside from the Past
Key Stage 1 Curriculum themes – Science, Geography, History

Find out about the natural history of the seaside, try on costumes, and investigate habitats and food chains. Touch a real shark’s jaw and a spiky puffer fish and discover what a Codd bottle was used for.  Don’t forget to have a go at being a Punch and Judy Puppeteer!

Who was Florence Nightingale?
Key Stage 1
Curriculum themes – Science, Geography, History

Handle artefacts, sort and wash bedding, clothing and bandages, learn about Victorian numeracy and take part in a costumed role-play session in this hands-on workshop.

If you’re looking for a specific workshop that isn’t listed here, or you have an idea for a new topic we could cover in our workshops, then please get in touch with our Education team.

Please note:

Due to the development of Doncaster Museum’s new building, launching in summer 2020, we will temporarily stop delivering school workshops in Doncaster Museum and Cusworth Hall on 1st January 2020. Workshops will begin again in September 2020.

  • Bookings can still be made for visits prior to 1st January and for September 2020 onwards.
  • We have limited availability for outreach visits so if you would like to discuss a visit to your school please contact [email protected] or [email protected]
  • The Museum Loans Service will operate as usual with deliveries and collections continuing each half term to July 2020
  • Forest School bookings will not be affected and will operate as advertised

If your school would like to contribute to the discussion regarding what you would like to see and experience please contact [email protected]

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