Doncaster Museum Workshops

Our learning sessions run throughout the year and cover a range of topics relating to history and science.  All workshops last for approximately 1.5 – 2 hours.  We can provide access to lunch and play areas, free Wi-Fi, gift shop and toilet and parking facilities.

School children at a Roman-themed workshop

Look Out…The Romans are Coming!
Key Stage 2 (adaptable for KS1 and 3)
Curriculum themes: Roman Britain, Local History, Technology & Production, Citizenship, Invaders & Settlers

Discover why the Romans invaded Britain, who tried to stop them, and what brought them to Doncaster.  Dress up, learn about life in Roman Doncaster, and get a closer look at genuine Roman artefacts in this hands-on session.

We dig Archaeology
Key Stage 2 (adaptable for KS1 and 3)
Curriculum themes: Archaeology, Science, Citizenship and History

Find out how Archaeologists learn about the past from material artefacts and remains. Carry out archaeological investigations to learn about a selected period in time, using a range of specimens and authentic artefacts.  This workshop can support Roman, Viking & Saxons, Egyptian or Stone Age topics, or can be chosen as a non-period specific workshop.

Stone Age Rocks!
Key Stage 2 (adaptable for KS1)
Curriculum themes: Technology, History

Learn about the three eras of the Stone Age, have a go at cave painting, smell Stone Age food, handle real artefacts and try out some Stone Age style with dressing-up activities!

What, No Mummies? Ancient Egyptians Key Stage 2 (adaptable for KS1 and 3)
Curriculum themes: History, Citizenship, English

School children on the Dino Detectives workshop

Learn about the geographic location of Egypt and a brief history of Ancient Egypt as a civilisation. Take part in acting out the steps of mummification, handle genuine and replica artefacts and learn more about life in Ancient Egypt including; craft, hieroglyphs, religion, and domestic life.

Dino Detectives and Fossil Explorers Key Stage 2 (adaptable for KS1 and 3)
Curriculum themes: Science, Fossils, History, Investigation and Palaeontology

Discover how fossils are made and where they can be found. Take a closer look at Fizzy, our world famous Ichthyosaur, and handle genuine plant and animal fossils that are millions of years old.  Follow clues to work out what kind of dinosaur is on the loose in the museum, and get up close and personal with it at the end of the workshop!

Alchemy Academy
Key Stage 2 (adaptable for KS1 and 3) Curriculum themes: Science, History

Become a scientist for the day with lab coats and goggles for children to wear while investigating!  Carry out a series of experiments, from hypothesis to result, and learn about potions and medicine through history.

Messy Monster Models
Key Stage 1 (adaptable for KS2 and 3)
Curriculum themes: Art, History

This workshop can get a bit messy but don’t worry, we do the cleaning! Taking inspiration from Anthony Gormley’s Field for the British Isles, this workshop combines sculpture with the natural history exhibitions at Doncaster Museum.

Key Stage 1 (adaptable for KS2 and 3)
Curriculum themes: Art, History

Find out more about the main theories of evolution – natural selection, adaptations, and mimicry. Learn about Charles Darwin, Alfred Russel Wallace, and Henry Bates while getting hands-on with items from Heritage Doncaster’s natural history collection.

It’s All Greek
School children at Alchemy Academy workshopKey Stage 2
Curriculum themes: History

Dress up in costume and learn about how the Ancient Greek civilisation developed and still influences modern life through discoveries in maths, society, technology, medicine and leisure.

Hidden Science
Key Stage 2 (adaptable to KS1 and KS3)
Curriculum themes: Science

Get your lab coat on and learn how science helps to look after museums and art galleries.  Activities include archaeology, bug identification, colour experiments and more!

If you’re looking for a specific workshop that isn’t listed here, or you have an idea for a new topic we could cover in our workshops, then please get in touch with our Education team.

Contact the Education team by email or phone 01302 734799 to book.  Museum workshops can also be booked via the Buy Doncaster website.