Doncaster’s Wheels, Wings & Moving Things

Doncaster has a strong industrial and railway heritage; some of the most famous locomotives in the world were built and designed at ‘the Plant.’
Doncaster hosted one of the world’s first aviation meetings in 1909 and the first British fighter jets to be used in the Second World War, Gloster
Meteors, were stationed at RAF Finningley, what is now a busy and expanding Robin Hood Airport. Ford cars also once rolled off production lines in the town. Perhaps you have your own memories of some of these great moving machines? What memories do wheels bring back for you? Your first bike, your first car, rail journeys to the seaside?

In this pack you will find a variety of activities that relate to Doncaster’s history of wheels, wings and moving things. We hope you enjoy this opportunity to reflect. Please feel free to share your thoughts and memories by emailing [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you!