Everyday Art

Over summer we’ve been exploring paintings from Doncaster’s collection.
Now it’s time to get hands on and have a go at some art ourselves. Everyday art will be bringing you practical tips to help you get into art for the first time or brush up on your skills.

Episode 3: Winter Edition

Get in the festive mood by make a Christmas card inspired by a wintery painting from the Heritage Doncaster Collection. Learn more about ‘Birch Trees and Snow’ by William Tindall and find out how to recreate snow using watercolours and salt.

Episode 2: Perspective at Cusworth Hall

In this second episode of Everyday Art, find out more about how to draw your favourite buildings with a simple how to on 1 point perspective drawing.

Episode 1: Colours

In this first episode, we’ll be making a colour wheel with primary, secondary and tertiary colours. Learn more about what colour means and how understanding hue, tint, tone will help you to create successful paintings.