Picture This

Go on a virtual journey as you step inside paintings from our collection.

Explore them with all of your senses.

Does it remind you of anything? What does it make you feel?

Let us know what the painting means to you via social media or email [email protected].

Picture This…a YouTube playlist

Write to us!

You could write in the comments or send us your thoughts. It could be anything from one line to a short story.

Talk to us!

We’d love to hear from you. Why not record yourself and send it to us in a message or email.

Draw a picture!

Why not use the painting as a starting point for a drawing? Draw what it reminds you of, what it means to you, or imagine the next scene of the story.

This will all come together to form a collective new story behind the painting which we will share on our social media channels.

Why not use the sheet below to make your notes?