August Art

Week 1

Welcome to the very first ‘August Art’. Every Tuesday we will have brand new activities to explore Heritage Doncaster’s art collection during the summer holidays.

This week we are showcasing ‘An idea erupted in the mind of the artist as if from nowhere.’ A sculpture by Hilary Cartmel.

Cartmel, Hilary; An Idea Erupted in the Mind of the Artist as if from Nowhere; Heritage Doncaster;

What do you think the sculpture is thinking?
If the sculpture could talk what do you think it would say?
What flavour ice cream do you think the sculpture would like?

Activity Ideas

One – Mirror, mirror
Practise moving your eyebrows, eyes, lips and tongue to make funny faces in the mirror. Can you use materials to change your face?

Two – Continuous Line
Have a go at drawing your face without taking your pencil off the page. What else can you draw using one continuous line?

Three – Recycling Sculpture
Can you recreate the sculpture using the recycled materials?

Week 2

This week for August Art we are taking a look at an oil painting of Frances Wansford.

Unknown artist; Frances Wansford; Doncaster Museum Service;

Can you pose how Frances is standing in the painting?

Activity Idea

On a large sheet of paper get someone to draw around your body. Once you have an outline have a go at filling it in with some of these ideas:
• Draw a continuous line pattern and colour each section a different colour
• Cut up coloured paper and make a mosaic
• Use magazines and newspapers to make a collage
• Use recycled materials
• Make a repeated pattern
• Study your face in a mirror draw your facial features in detail
• Make a black and white pattern

Week 3

Our focus for August Art this week is an acrylic painting. Staten, 1962 by John Howlin.

Howlin, John; Staten, 1962; Doncaster Museum Service;

What can you see?
Do you think this is a happy picture?
What colours can you see?
Do you like the painting?

Activity Ideas

Idea One
Have a go at using a ball of string to make straight and wiggly lines
Idea Two
Create a colourful line painting by dragging string through different coloured paints
Idea Three
Create a painting by blowing runny paint through a straw
Idea Four
Create a colourful line painting by using finger paints

Week 4

Our final piece of Art Work to explore this month is a copper statue of St George slaying a dragon.

Gosney, Harold; Saint George and the Dragon; Heritage Doncaster;

What would you do if you met a dragon?
Do you think the dragon is evil?
Why do you think George fought the dragon?
Do you know any stories that have a dragon?


George was a brave knight, he travelled by horse across many lands. One day he came to a small village and was told a terrible dragon was attacking the village everyday but the villagers didn’t know what to do. They had tried giving George all of their food, animals and gold but he still was not happy. The King’s army had tried to capture the dragon but he was too strong. The King had no choice but to send his only daughter to the dragon. When George heard this he raced to save the princess. Just as the dragon was about to gobble her up George very bravely fought the dragon and won, saving the princess and the village.

Can you retell the story of St George and the dragon?

•             Have a go at making a puppet show
•             Can you act it out using fancy dress?
•             Draw a picture from the story
•             Write it down or make a comic strip