Christmas Reindeer Cupcakes

Ho ho ho!  

Santa and his reindeer will be delivering your presents very soon. Have a go at making these tasty treats to leave out on Christmas eve for him to enjoy.
We used pre-made cupcakes but you could have a go at making some yourself. To make reindeer cupcakes you will need:  

9 cupcakes
chocolate frosting
18 pretzels
18 edible eyes
8 brown smarties
1 red smartie

What you need to do:
1. Put a dollop of chocolate frosting on your cupcake and spread with a knife
2. Add two pretzels at the top of your cupcake for the antlers
3. Add two edible eyes and then add a smartie for a nose
4. Repeat until you have made Rudolph and all his friends  

Download our picture guide below