Storytelling Month – Mutton the Magnificent

Mutton the Magnificent is a story about a very mischievous dog at Doncaster’s first ever Air show. Watch this Card Cut Tales video to find out what trouble he gets up too!

Peg Plane Activity

The first Airshow in Britain was held at Doncaster in 1909 can you use your imagination to make a plane out of a peg?

You will need:

A wooden peg

Collect some craft materials and use your imagination to make a plane. You may want to use:








Aviation Programme

Image shows an official programme from the first flying meeting in England Doncaster. The background of the programme is orange, with blue text. a large blue banner at the top of the page reads ‘Doncaster Aviation Contest’ in the centre of the page is a blue diagram of Doncaster Racecourse the location of the airshow. Down the left hand side of the page is the list of dates the airshow is running from October 15th- Saturday 23rd from 10am-5pm. The price of entry was 6 pence.