Storytelling Month – Puddle Troubles

Princes Lily is always in trouble for getting dirty. Muddywart Grime is afraid of going outside. Can this unlikely pair come together and help one another?

Mini beasts are little creature such as insects, snails and spiders. These creatures are called ‘invertebrates’ this means that they don’t have a backbone. Instead, they have other structures to protect them in their habitats such as a shell or an exoskeleton.

Mini Beast Hunt 

Lots of mini beasts live in trees and bushes. Lay pieces of white cloth, such as an old sheet under a tree or bush and gently shake the branches. You may find some cool creepy crawlies!

Hunt under large logs and stones. Peer into holes, cracks in trees, and walls. Look closely at soil, leaves twigs and grass. Listen carefully for insect sounds.

Remember- bugs are very tiny, so carefully if you pick them up and always put them back, where you found them.

Use your beast detective skills to find mini beasts, look around your garden or on your next walk. Can you find:

Black beetle