Living Room Museum

Whilst we are staying at home and can’t visit museums we would like to challenge you to make a museum of your own in your living room (or kitchen, or bedroom, or garden…)

Museums collect objects that tell stories, and we want to find out the stories behind objects in your homes.

What to do

  • Select some objects from your house that tell a story
  • Organise the objects into a display and consider how they all look together
  • Write labels that tell us about the objects (we recommend 20 words per object)
  • Send pictures of your Living Room Museum to [email protected] or share it with us on Facebook or Twitter

Need some inspiration? Why not look for an object that…

Makes you smile
Isn’t what it seems
Is really old
You forgot you had
Could belong in the future
Has a unique story (and what is it)
Is blue
No one else has

Helps you learn
You could fit in a match box
Keeps you warm
Reminds you of a holiday
Is really special to you
You love
Reminds you of being a little child
Is alive!

Your Living Room Museums

Blaise's Living Room Museum Harry's Living Room Museum Holly's Living Room Museum Isaac's Living Room Joseph and Jody's Living Room Museums Katie and Eby's Living Room Museum Kiera's Living Room Museum Mina and Raphi's Living Room Museum Simon's Living Room Museum Tracy D's Living Room Museum Tracy G's Living Room Museum Trevor's Living Room Victoria's Living Room Museum

Your Living Room Museum may be shared in the new Danum Gallery, Library and Museum when it opens later this year!