Pit Sense

Logo for the PitSense project

Pit Sense is a two-year project, giving different generations the opportunity to work together to explore Doncaster’s mining heritage. The project is run by Heritage Doncaster and funded by the Museum Association’s Esmée Fairbairn Collections Fund.

We are focusing on three ex-mining communities: Denaby Main, Woodlands and Hatfield/Stainforth. Together, these places tell the stories of the pits from the first sinking of the shafts, through to their closure.

Pit Sense is not just about looking back though; it’s also about looking forwards.

Through a series of creative workshops, run by professionals, participants will have the chance to develop new skills in heritage, research and the digital and creative arts. They will explore Heritage Doncaster’s collection of mining objects, images and documents, and work together to develop an exhibition which will open to the public in late 2019.

Recruiting has begun! We are looking for:

  • Young adults, who have ideas and creativity to offer, and are looking for an opportunity to learn new skills that will get them ready for work and life
  • Retired miners or family members, who have stories and experiences to share, and would be willing to work alongside young adults to help them build their futures

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Photographs of mining related collections