Doncaster’s Five Minute Histories

Doncaster’s Five Minute Histories transport you into the past to experience an event from the borough’s history.

Make a cuppa, put your feet up and travel back in time…

Track 1: The Story of Joan Jurdie

Joan Jurdie was a real person, who lived in Doncaster in 17th century. She was accused of witchcraft by her neighbours in 1605, and on this occasion the Mayor of Doncaster was convinced of Joan’s innocence. Unfortunately though, Joan was charged again, in 1608, for using witchcraft to cause the deaths of Hester Dolfin, Jane Dolfin and George Murfin. We do not know the outcome of this case, but if found guilty she was likely to have been hanged.

Find out more about witchcraft accusations in Doncaster.

Voiced by staff and volunteers at Heritage Doncaster. Sound effects by Gary Hammond. Production by Rob Pearson.

Track 2: A Hooton Pagnell Love Story

In June 1916, Edward (Teddie) Mulvey was admitted to Hooton Pagnell Hall hospital to be treated for a crushed back and chest. He had been wounded whilst fighting on the Western Front during the First World War. Teddie spent 153 days at the Hall, and left in November 1916. When Teddie returned to the front, he stayed in touch with Winifred Hayes, a Nurse, and  Mrs. Julia Warde-Aldam who owned Hooton Pagnell Hall, and acted as Commandant, Matron and general administrator for the then Auxiliary Military Hospital.

Teddie and Winifred fell deeply in love and went on to marry in the spring of 1919, using Hooton Pagnell Hall for their wedding reception! Soon afterwards, they travelled to Canada where they began their life together. This was by no means easy for the couple. Winifred struggled with aspects of her new life, including the weather, describing Canada as ‘the last place God made’ in a letter to her family in Ireland. While Teddie experienced ostracism from his family because of Winifred’s catholic beliefs. Despite this, Teddie and Winifred had a long and happy marriage, and had four sons. Throughout the course of his service Teddie had been wounded 5 times and was awarded the Military Medal. Teddie died in 1960 aged 73, and Winifred four years later aged 80.

This track includes the voices of Teddie’s descendants Steven and Brian Mulvey, amd staff and volunteers at Heritage Doncaster. Sound effects by Gary Hammond. Production by Rob Pearson.

* By kind permission of Mark Warde-Norbury
† By kind permission of Brian and Steven Mulvey

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