The Girls’ High School Headteachers

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Next year Heritage Doncaster moves into a new gallery, library and museum building in the Waterdale area of Doncaster. The building includes the front section of the old Girls’ High School building, which has been such a familiar landmark to so many Doncaster people.

The new Danum Gallery, Library and Museum in its final stage of construction, lit up at night

One of the displays in the new building will tell the story of the Girls’ High School and of girls’ education in Doncaster, right from the opening of the school in 1905, to 1973 when it became co-educational.

During that 70-year period there were only three head teachers: Frances Mary Noades, who was head between 1905 and 1925, Hilda Gertrude Brown, who was head between 1925 and 1949, and Helen Mellor who was head between 1949 and 1973.

During our research for the display we have found quite a lot of background information about the three women. We know where they were born and educated, where they lived in Doncaster, and what they did after they left the school.

Now we know the backgrounds to their lives we would love to hear some personal memories of the women, so that we can paint a fuller picture of them. So this is where we are asking for your help!

Perhaps you studied or worked at the school, if so, what were they like as teachers or colleagues? Maybe one of the women was a family friend, or someone has told you about them.

Anything you can tell us will help paint a better picture of three women who made such an enormous contribution to girls’ education in Doncaster.

Send your memories to: [email protected] or leave a comment on our blog, Twitter or Facebook page.

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2 thoughts on “The Girls’ High School Headteachers”

  1. Jennifer King, nee Staley says:

    I was at the school from 1957 to 1964. Miss Mellor was the headteacher. She was scary but her assemblies, I feel helped to shape me.

  2. Janice Lavigueur says:

    Miss Mellor was my head mistress while l was a pupil there from 1965. She was a terrifying figure, straight out of a girls’ school story. I had very little to do with her, but when l saw her many years later in Marks and Spencer she greeted me very pleasantly. She clearly remembered all her “gals”.

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