Heritage Doncaster #Archaeocake bakeoff!

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Heritage Doncaster recently took part in this year’s Festival of Archaeology (organised by Archaeoogy UK) and their #Archaeocake competition.

Staff have dusted of their mixing bowls and wooden spoons, put their icing skills to the test, and presented their bakes ready to be judged by the public!

Some baked reproductions of artefacts from Heritage Doncaster’s collection and from their own experiences visiting museums and other heritage sites.

Below are photographs of the bakes and descriptions behind the inspiration for the bakes. You can vote for your favourite on our Twitter and Facebook. The bake with the most votes by 20 June will be crowned the 2019 Heritage Doncaster #Archaeocake winner!

Our art technician Mark made a cheesecake version of Rollright Stones. He was inspired after visiting them on holiday last year.
Ashley our Education Officer made a Roman Board Game: “I chose Latruculorum because it’s a game I teach with children in our Roman workshops and they love it!”
Our military history curator Lynsey made one of Heritage Doncaster’s star objects, The Rossington Dagger.
Amanda, our assistant manager for business development, made the Rosetta Stone.
Yvette, our curator of Archaeology, recreated one of our museum objects – a Roman Mortaria. Mortaria were used to grind herbs and spices for food and medicine. This one even has the stamp with the potters name on it, ‘Sarius’. 
Vicky, the Digital Content Officer for the Doncaster 1914-18 project, made dinosaur fossils biscuits.
Ruth who is the Pit Sense Project Officer made a clay tablet with Cuneiform writing on, which is in our collection: “I’m intrigued by this ancient writing called cuneiform. This particular tablet is from Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq) and dates from roughly 3000 BC. “
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