History, Health and Happiness: Impact Report 2020/21

In April 2018 Heritage Doncaster became an Arts Council National Portfolio Organisation (NPO). The NPO funding enables Heritage Doncaster to deliver a strategic programme of outreach work called History, Health and Happiness.

Our History, Health and Happiness programme aims to tackle isolation and improve wellbeing across Doncaster. Simply put- it uses history and storytelling to empower people to feel good about themselves and their communities. We strive to help participants make new connections, and meet new people.

In 2020/21 we had to do things a bit differently in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. This report outlines the impact that our work has had over the past year- including some case studies from those involved in our activities.

Evaluation highlights include:

  • Digital social club attendees have a 20% increase in interest in new things.*
  • 215 interactions in digital social clubs
  • +6500 activity packs sent to isolated adults and families across Doncaster 100% of participants met someone new*
  • 100% of participants talked to people outside of their age group*
  • 82% of participants made someone else feel welcome*
  • 50 activity bundles sent to Doncaster’s young carers
  • Sense of place
  • 72% of participants found out about places near to them
  • 91%  of participants learned something new*
  • 65 museum objects used as inspiration in digital social clubs
  • 53.5 hours of online social sessions- that’s as long as 92 of Boris Johnson’s covid briefings!
  • 450 cups of tea sent by mail
  • 2 online exhibitions
  • 650+ stamps used to mail out activity bundles across Doncaster- that’s just about the length of the Mallard!